Why are we different from other inspection companies?

The following are some of the many reasons why we stand out from the rest and why we are different from the other inspection companies out there.

  • We are one of the longest standing inspection companies in Edmonton.
  • We don’t only service Edmonton we service the entire province of Alberta.
  • Most inspection companies started as home inspectors before they provided commercial building inspections. We started in commercial and industrial building inspections and then years later on request of our customers added home inspections.
  • We do not believe in checklist inspection reports. In our professional opinion checklist inspection reports of any type do not provide the customer with enough information. Our inspection reports are customized to each property we are inspecting which includes pictures, our findings and recommendations.
  • Our inspectors do not act like heroes! They are professional and very pleasant and report on what they see in an accurate and non-bias way.
  • Nothing is too big and nothing is too small for us. We treat all customers the same.
  • All though we sometimes work closely with engineers we are not engineers. Engineers only specialize in one area of a building such as structure. Building inspectors specialize in all areas. On top of this engineers cost more than building inspectors.
  • We are one of the only inspection companies in Edmonton that also offer industrial building inspections.

We are you experts! Specializing in all aspects of commercial, industrial and residential building inspections. “A trusted name that friends refer to friends”

Edmonton Inspection Services
Office: (780) 665-7110