Commercial and Industrial Building Inspection Services we also offer Contractor, Tradesman, Assessment and Estimate Services

What are Assessment Services?

We assess and inspect repairs/or replacements in question and provide a professional non-biased opinion about the necessity and validity of these repairs. We can offer peace of mind that firstly the repair/replacement is actually needed and also provide an average cost estimate.

What are the benefits of our assessment service?

1. With our assessment service we will save you money and time as well as stress on making sure the item or items do in fact need to be replaced or repaired. At Edmonton Inspection Services we do not have an invested interest in stating something needs to be replaced or repaired when is doesn’t. We tell you how we see it in a non-bias and non-invested way. This will not only save you money, time and stress it gives you the peace of mind knowing the information is accurate before you spend money and time.

2. We will provide in our report the average cost to replace or repair any item. This will enable you to know when you are getting estimates that the prices you are given are fair and not inflated in today’s market.

To book our assessment service or for more information please contact our main office at (780) 665-7110 to speak with one of our representatives.